Euston railworkers defend safety

RAILWORKERS are being asked to carry out night work on track with defective lighting and inadequate numbers of staff. This is breaching health and safety laws and risking fatalities.

Despite repeated requests for a meeting to discuss the matter by staff reps, management has stubbornly refused to address this crucial issue.

Euston workers are now reluctantly forced to protect themselves by refusing to go on track unless enough staff and adequate lighting are provided. Veiled threats have already been given by managers, with one boss even referring to the Manchester four guards, who were sacked for defending safe working practices nearly two years ago.

Staff have made it clear that we will not be intimidated into unsafe working. We have also indicated that any victimisation will be met by immediate industrial action, which will spread to all railworkers, regardless of their grade or union.

Management may well see reason in the face of our determined action to defend safety. However, if it does not, we will be calling on all our brothers and sisters in the rail industry to come to our aid.

No more unsafe working - no more Manchester fours!