Communist Party Offensive 95

THIS WEEK we reach the halfway point in the twelfth Party Offensive. So far comrades fully involved in the Summer Offensive have raised a staggering £5,116.61. Many areas of the organisation have made an impressive start, in particular Brent branch, the Party printshop and Weekly Worker committees. Those that are lagging behind will have to ensure that this month fundraising is at the top of their agenda.

We have raised 29% of the total pledged, which is a good start, as the tempo always rises in the last month. However we are still some way short of our £25,000 target. If you are not yet involved, we need your help. Join us - rush cheques and pledges in now. Tickets for the Summer Offensive celebration meal are now available. The meal is on Saturday July 29 and tickets are £20. Please write or phone for more details.