Building solidarity

ON MAY 10, 27 pipefitters, electricians and mates walked off site in protest at the Manchester sub-contractors Rosser and Russell’s sacking of two workers for “not bucking their ideas up”.

The picket line, which begins at 7.30am each day, has been successful in stopping scab labour. The workers are fighting for reinstatement and against poor working conditions and are appealing for solidarity and financial support to maintain their ability to continue this dispute against an intransigent employer.

Brian Higgins of the Building Worker Group commented, “In an industry where the lack of union organisation and representation - and thus lack of safety - costs the lives of two building workers every week on average, with many more seriously injured; where conditions of work and pay on most jobs are some of the worst in living memory; it is especially and vitally important we all support these workers who have the courage and are prepared to fight against this. They are not in a union - such is the state of the building industry. We must prove to them that it is worth joining one!”

The Building Worker Group is calling on the newly elected executive of the building workers’ union Ucatt to support these striking workers.

Linda Addison