Communism through communist unity

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, June 24 1920

THE RAPID and encouraging progress towards the formation of a united Communist Party is carrying the practical work of consolidating the revolutionary forces in this country from the sphere of discussion into the realm of reality and class action ...

Our aim must be not only the uniting of existing Marxist organisations, but the mobilisation of the masses as a class to do battle for communism. Nothing less should satisfy us.

The unity we move towards is no mechanical one. On the question of basic principles no compromise will be tolerated. And rightly so. But on questions of tactics, when differences exist - ie, on participation in parliamentary elections and the relation of the Communist Party to the Labour Party - the issues must be settled by discussion and the decision of the rank and file themselves.

... In our judgement the relation of the Communist Party to the Labour Party is fundamentally a question of the relation of class conscious workers to un-class conscious workers.

... Not by isolation, but by continuous contact with the workers within all existing Labour organisations, constantly stressing the connection between their immediate struggles and the ultimate struggle for the overthrow of capitalism, shall we win the confidence and support of the masses.