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Total intellectual collapse

27 Apr 2017

Theresa May’s snap election exposes the political bankruptcy of the far left, argues Paul Demarty

Semi-religious method

07 Oct 1999

Ian Donovan reviews Leon Trotsky's 'Transitional programme' (edited by the International Bolshevik Tendency, Bolshevik Publications. 1999, pp218, £5)

Robertson’s loyal opposition, part two: Degenerate cults

15 Jul 1999

Ian Donovan concludes his discussion of the International Bolshevik Tendency and the ‘Spartacist tradition’

Robertson’s loyal opposition, part one: Trotsky’s ‘class treason’

08 Jul 1999

Ian Donovan discusses the International Bolshevik Tendency and the ‘Spartacist tradition’

Sordid sectarianism

06 May 1999

Sad but true

08 Apr 1999

Around the left

Commission results

08 Apr 1999

Party notes


25 Feb 1999

Party notes

Call for enquiry

18 Feb 1999

Party notes

Lenin’s heir

16 Jul 1998

Supporters of the Marxist Bulletin and the International Bolshevik Tendency reply to Mark Fischer’s ‘Frozen in dogma’

Not our concern?

30 Oct 1997

Around the left

We would like to know

02 Oct 1997

Around the left

One group, two lines

25 Sep 1997

Kirstie Paton’s DNA

17 Jul 1997

Workers Power’s particular brand of ‘Leninist’ discipline leads it into the arms of Tony Blair - without a single voice of opposition

Marxist Bulletin joins witch hunt

26 Jun 1997

An expelled member of Vauxhall CSLP and supporter of the Marxist Bulletin, Alan Gibson, tries to save himself by condemning his former comrades

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