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Total intellectual collapse

27 Apr 2017

Theresa May’s snap election exposes the political bankruptcy of the far left, argues Paul Demarty

How not to course-correct

10 Nov 2016

Socialist Resistance has finally shifted focus to Labour - but on a rotten basis, reckons Jim Grant

Populism, nationalism and racism

21 Apr 2016

Fred Leplat (ed), 'The far right in Europe', Resistance Books and International Institute for Research and Education, London 2015, pp334, £12

Swept along by the moment

16 Apr 2015

In the name of cuddling up to the Greens, Socialist Resistance warns about the dangers of the ‘ultra-left’. Paul Demarty objects

Doing politics the same

27 Nov 2014

Despite its commitment to ‘safe spaces’, Socialist Resistance’s view on the way we should organise is not ‘different’ at all, comments Mike Macnair