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Following the national road

12 Oct 2023

Defeat for the SNP in the Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election is probably a foretaste of what will happen in the general election, yet much of the left still clings to petty nationalism. Mike Macnair offers a radical alternative

Labour and Lubner’s millions

08 Jun 2023

Starmer’s new megadonor threatens to outweigh the influence of the unions, argues Paul Demarty

Look in the mirror

19 Jan 2023

They continue to denounce sexism in state institutions without confronting their own history. Paul Demarty calls for some self-criticism

Much ado about nothing?

22 Sep 2022

Eddie Ford surveys leftwing coverage of the death, mass outpouring and funeral of Elizabeth Windsor, and finds some more lacking than others

One foot in the grave

21 Jul 2022

RMT’s withdrawal from Tusc was understandable, especially given the consistently dismal electoral performance. But, argues, Paul Demarty, this leaves SPEW, the mothership, in profound crisis too

Talking loud, saying nothing

26 May 2022

Paul Demarty checks in on the congress of the Socialist Party in England and Wales - a decision-making body apparently without decisions to make

Pathetic confusion

24 Sep 2020

SPEW’s approach to Labour combines classic sectarianism with run-of-the-mill reformism, writes Peter Manson

Taaffe counts his shekels

18 Jul 2019

The two sides in the CWI dispute are engaged in a tawdry wrangling over cash, writes Paul Demarty

Squandering the Legacy

12 Jul 2019

SPEW is severing its ties with the PCS leadership - because of its political errors, argues Paul Demarty

Drop the dead donkey

04 Jul 2019

Peter Taaffe’s determination to split his would-be international is yet more proof of his unfitness for leadership, argues Paul Demarty

What will be left?

20 Jun 2019

The split in the Committee for a Workers’ International ought to put paid to its delusions of grandeur, writes Paul Demarty

Fiasco nears conclusion

13 Jun 2019

Peter Taaffe’s split-mongering shows that loyalty to him is the yardstick of orthodoxy in his ‘international’, argues Paul Demarty

Take a class stand

23 May 2019

Peter Manson condemns leftwing traitors - both of the open kind and the silent kind

Taaffe demands a split

25 Apr 2019

Further leaks from the CWI point to a parting of ways, writes Paul Demarty

Whatever happened to the Lexit lads?

11 Apr 2019

Life has driven the left advocates of Brexit into ever greater confusion, argues Paul Demarty

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