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17 Feb 2000

Party notes

Taaffe pulls out

20 Jan 2000

LSA slate for London elections

Challenge to London unity

16 Dec 1999

The fight for principled left unity in London to present an electoral challenge to Blair’s Labour has received a setback. The determination of the CATP to press ahead regardless of the plans of others is wrong

Unity at last: London Socialist Alliance negotiations

02 Dec 1999

Link with Campaign Against Tube Privatisation on the cards

Looking promising

18 Nov 1999

GLA campaign

SWP in or out?

14 Oct 1999

Party notes

Greater Manchester annual general fiasco

16 Sep 1999


16 Sep 1999

Party notes

Break Nicholson’s stranglehold

02 Sep 1999

Greater Manchester Socialist Alliance

London left unity

19 Aug 1999

Party notes

Alliance or party?

22 Jul 1999

Dave Spencer continues the debate on divisions that arose over the West Midlands European elections, and discusses the future of the Socialist Alliance

Approach too late

15 Jul 1999

Former Labour MEP Christine Oddy responds to West Midlands Socialist Alliance claims that she had rejected unity moves

Left unity forum launched

15 Jul 1999

Approach spurned

08 Jul 1999

Nellist and Oddy

A nod and a wink

17 Jun 1999

Dave Spencer discusses the dispute in the West Midlands Socialist Alliance over the candidacy of former MEP Christine Oddy

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