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17 Feb 2000

Party notes

Challenge to London unity

16 Dec 1999

The fight for principled left unity in London to present an electoral challenge to Blair’s Labour has received a setback. The determination of the CATP to press ahead regardless of the plans of others is wrong

Unity rejected

03 Dec 1998

Greater Manchester Socialist Alliance

Draft rules for the Network of Socialist Alliances

03 Dec 1998

Submitted by LSA for discussion, November 22 1998

Outrageous exclusion

03 Dec 1998

Unity breaks out

26 Nov 1998

English Alliance moves at last

26 Mar 1998

Socialist Alliances - all-Britain unity vital

Socialist challenge to New Labour in London elections

12 Mar 1998

London Socialist Alliance press release

United left response

26 Feb 1998

Scare stories

26 Feb 1998

Simon Harvey of the SLP

London Socialist Alliance launch

05 Feb 1998

Uniting London’s left

22 Jan 1998

New lurch to nationalism

22 Jan 1998

Scottish Militant Labour takes another step towards separatism

English Socialist Alliance?

08 Jan 1998

Seize the moment

08 Jan 1998

Another small left split from New Labour now appears inevitable, giving the revolutionary left a new opportunity

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