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Voice of the revolution

This appeal drawn up by comrades in Iran, calling for clear politics, organisation and solidarity, has attracted widespread support

‘Have a nice day ...’

For an active boycott! For genuine self-determination!

Scottish Socialist Alliance faces key test – for self-determination or Blair’s sop referendum?

Firmin’s support campaign

Fighting fund

Newport challenge New Labour

Voided branch drives on

Raising the Irish question

Winning support in Vauxhall

Revolutionary challenge in Brent

Left candidates

No illusions in parliament

Wilhelm Liebknecht, the great German working class leader and contemporary of Marx and Engels, delivered this speech on May 31 1869 to a workingmen’s association meeting in Berlin

Voided SLP branches step up campaigns

Unison officer suspended

Liverpool Unison attacks victimisation of members fighting council cuts

Supporting two parties

Deportation threat

Fighting fund

Police pay out £5,000

Second protester in Gravesend, North Kent, against racism and fascism is to get hundreds of pounds from Kent police

SLP branch reports

International day of action update

Strike reports

[from the action column]

Class alliances in Scotland

SLP branch reports

Lorry drivers’ action continues in France

Dark moment in history

review of Jesus Hernandez's How the NKVD framed the POUM (1996, pp27, £1)

No slave labour, No benefit cuts


In suspense

After the conference - Which way now for the SLP?

CPGB 13th Summer Offensive launch meeting

Alton Manning campaign

SLP candidates on May 2

Left and right in Manchester

SLP update

Healthcare SOS

Shameful day for Scottish councils

Abolish the monarchy

The Labour Party is too scared to even criticise the monarchy, let alone abolish it. Only revolutionaries can lead the fight for real democracy

Asylum bill attacks all workers

This weekend thousands rally in London against the Immigration and Asylum Bill. We need to sweep away not only this measure, but all immigration controls

New fight for Ireland

The ending of the IRA ceasefire with the Docklands bomb may have temporarily stalled negotiations, but all parties are committed to getting them back on track

Partisan campaign shows the way forward

The Socialist Labour Party’s first election campaign was an energetic, committed and buoyant one

Reform or revolution?

Scottish Socialist Movement AGM

Not rich enough

Dockers vote to reject deal

Learn the lesson

Where now for SLP?

The Communist Party worked for as big a vote as possible for the Socialist Labour Party’s Brenda Nixon in the Hemsworth by-election despite many disagreements with the platform she stood on. However, the campaign in itself represents something historically significant

Hemsworth by-election: Support the SLP!

On Thursday, Hemsworth goes to the polls. This by-election is an important one for the left in Britain

Health experts dismiss government lies

Emergency action needed

For a workers’ party

Scargill’s SLP has been launched without any debate over politics, strategy or organisation. The constitution was presented as a fait accompli. Nevertheless debate does not end here

Docks women lobby Major

Blair woos the market

Businessmen and ex-dictators in Asia have been wooed by Tony Blair, as he makes clear his determination to safeguard the ‘enterprise’ economy

The fight for a Socialist Labour Party

Tories thrown into panic

Left to freeze

Every year when winter hits, electricity is cut off, pipes burst and floods follow. Thousands try to survive in freezing conditions and many die of cold

In brief

Workers left behind in Europe

Saying ‘No’ to Europe is not enough

Walsall Labour fragments

Spread the French disease: Fight benefit cuts

Pilot schemes for Job Seekers Allowance begin in January. Job centre workers are linking their fight against attacks on pay to a fight against JSA. The Labour Party promises worse cuts and workfare to boot. So how can the mounting attack on pay and services be resisted?

Bolivia’s Gerry Healy

Employment service strike

Workers in France show the way

160,000 marched in Paris this week and more workers looked set to join the strikes this Thursday

Attacks on workers pay for budget bribe

TUC general secretary John Monks was mute on the continued attacks that lay behind the feeble budget tax bribe. No wonder Clarke thinks he can get away with it

In brief...

Reality behind fairytale family

It is hard to conceive how Di’s wish for a more down to earth monarchy could ever come about when her interview emphasised just what an artificial and inhuman institution it is. Nevertheless the establishment will do all it can to make sure it survives

No future under Labour

Queen puts the boot in

This week the queen told us to bow down and accept more attacks on our living standards and rights - more power to landlords, MI5 and the police. Of course, the queen is above politics and knows best ...

Communist perspectives

Smash Job Seekers Allowance

Clarke sharpens the axe

Peter Lilley, hardly a friend of the working class, has been told to think again. His proposed £1 billion cut in social security spending was rejected as “not enough” by the Treasury. So, Lilley is now looking for fresh victims - single parents, young people, victims of industrial injury ...

Health chiefs play god

The Queen’s speech on November 11 will detail cuts in benefit and attacks on welfare. The new cutting consensus is agreed on one thing - our health must be rationed

Vote communist on May 4

As Blair promises to move Labour more and more, not only down the Tory road, but actually down the Thatcher road, there is less and less to choose between the bosses’ parties in the local elections. Labour, Tory and Liberal all promise to run capitalism at the expense of working class rights. But there is an alternative - vote communist on May 4 and join the fight for what we need, not what Labour or Tory say they can afford