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For or against liquidationism

Two recent resignations from the CPGB underline the nature of the political period. These letters of personal justification written in April are printed below with a reply from Mark Fischer which draws out some political lessons

New lurch to nationalism

Scottish Militant Labour takes another step towards separatism

Scottish Tories try to limp back

STUC shuns dockers

Phantom liquidationism

Universal lessons

Nick Clarke reviews Bill Findlay's 'The Weavers' (from the original by Gerhart Hauptmann)

Labour’s Paisley freeze

Sectarian Scargill splits left

As the SLP prepares for its congress, Scargill continues to shun left unity

SNP Rose upsets leadership

Fear but no expulsion ... and no gagging

Sharp exchanges at SSA National Council

Diversity encouraged?

Nick Clark, for the CPGB’s Scottish Committee, replies to the allegations made by Scottish Socialist Alliance national secretary Allan Green

Vote SSA in Pollockshields East

Scotland’s referendum: Bosses warm to Labour’s sop

While some on the left portray the Scottish parliament as the first step on the way to providing decent services and conditions for people in Scotland, Donald Dewar makes it clear big business will remain firmly in control

Scotland’s rogues united for ‘Yes, yes’

Referendum battle begins with Dewar and Salmond joining forces and the CGSD sends the white paper up in flames

For queen and country

Just about the entire Scottish establishment has now signed up for Blair’s sop parliament

Tory minority lines up with Scottish Socialist Alliance

Stifling debate in Scotland

Dundee tragedy

National question - a key debate

Edinburgh Scottish Socialist Alliance and Red magazine organised a successful day school on Sunday June 1 on the national question in Scotland and Ireland

Honouring James Connolly

For a parliament with full powers

SSA gives up fight for genuine self-determination

Flashback to Spanish civil war

Nick Clarke reviews A greater tomorrow by Hector MacMillan

Sop parliament and nationalism

Philip Stott, leading member of Scottish Militant Labour, told Nick Clarke about the organisation’s new stance

Socialist campaign launched in Dundee

Choosing the executioner

Join the fight for self-determination

Ad hoc committee says ‘No’ to Labour sop

Fight Tory and Labour cuts

No Tory, Labour or SNP cuts! For local services delivered according to need!

Democracy bypassed in Scottish Socialist Alliance

Nick Clarke looks at the development of the SSA as the general election looms

SSA postpones conference

Glacier workers win

Solidarity is the key

Glacier workers are determined to continue their sit-in for as long as it takes

Occupation meets lockout threat

Joe Gibb has worked at Glacier Metals’ Glasgow plant at Polmadie for 21 years. He is a member of the Amalgamated Electrical and Engineering Union and, along with 103 other workers, was sacked at the beginning of November. Nick Clarke spoke to him

Factory occupied

What sort of voice for Scotland?

Militant Labour launches a new paper in Scotland - and weakens its fighting strength

Catalyst of violence

Labour’s Scottish parliament will not do

For a federal republic

Bury the JSA

Smash the JSA

Left unites for election challenge in Scotland

Dundee Scottish Socialist Alliance this week chose its candidates for the forthcoming general election. The left in Scotland has joined forces to raise the socialist alternative

National question at the heart of debate

Nick Clarke on the dangers of tailing either Labour Party sops or nationalism in Scotland

Referendum rebels

Self-determination, not a talking shop for Scotland

SSA forces Labour to fight

Real debate in the SSA

Another step forward

SLP constitution in limbo

The real terrorists

Middle East summit

Socialist crusade

Dundee raises the flag

Anti-worker agenda spelled out

Working class votes should not be wasted on Labour

Scottish Councils should resign or fight

SLP comes to Glasgow

Timex strike remembered

Three years on

Challenging reformism?

Nick Clarke spoke to Allan Green, coordinator of the Scottish Socialist Alliance, after its conference last week

Firefighters to resist cuts

Opening up the debate

John Milligan, Lanarkshire branch secretary of the RMT, was a member of the Labour Party for many years, and left over the poll tax and different industrial issues. He is involved both in organising SLP meetings in Scotland and in the Scottish Socialist Alliance. Nick Clarke spoke to him

Workers’ health plan

Labour and Tory unite to attack services

Sectarian Communists?

Splitting the left from Labour

The debate over Scargill’s call for an SLP was raging in Scotland long before this weekend’s meeting. Nick Clarke from the CPGB in Scotland here replies to John Foster of the CPB and Alan McCombes of SML, writing in the Glasgow Herald with edited versions reproduced here

Pompous and irrelevant constitutional proposals

Putting socialist vision back on the agenda

Militant Labour and Scottish Militant Labour, like ourselves, have thrown themselves into discussion around a Socialist Labour Party. Nick Clarke spoke to Tommy Sheridan of SML about the possibilities of such an organisation

Postal workers on the offensive

For a democratic health service

Hulme victimisation

Communists debate with SML