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Cowardly fake left peddles lies

James Harvey presents Labour Party Marxists’ recommendations for the national executive committee elections

Politics of two borders

With Brexit negotiations going to the wire, the future in Ireland remains uncertain. This is an edited version of the talk given by James Harvey to Online Communist Forum

Candidates, slates and votes

How best to oppose the witch-hunt and reorient the forces of the left? James Harvey presents LPM’s reconsidered approach

Shared island or democratic republic?

Sinn Féin is relying on demographics and opposition to Brexit. James Harvey gives his take on the reunification debate

Class struggle and reunification

James Harvey exposes the economistic and pro-imperialist politics that lie behind the seemingly innocuous call for Labour to stand candidates in Northern Ireland

Holding the fort

At last a new government has been formed. James Harvey looks at the whys and wherefores

Power, not office

With the main parties still jockeying for position, James Harvey looks at the ongoing calls for a ‘left government’ with Sinn Féin

Illusions of the left

There should be no talk of participation in a bourgeois government, argues James Harvey.

In the balance

James Harvey looks at the contenders for next month’s Irish general election and the possible coalitions

Full steam ahead?

While Stormont has been restored, writes James Harvey, the old communal divisions remain firmly in place.

Northing inevitable

Both Sinn Féin and the DUP did badly, but there is still talk of a border poll and reunification, reports James Harvey.

Drowned in blood

James Harvey concludes his thoughts on the 1918-19 German revolution, based on his talk at CU2019.

World revolution had arrived

This article is based on a talk given by James Harvey to Communist University 2019.

Holding all the cards?

Key parts of the DUP’s base in the farming and business sectors are fearful of the impact of a hard border and a hard Brexit on their economic interests, notes James Harvey.

Flies in the ointment

Whither the Brexit Party? James Harvey thinks it has no long-term future.

Brexit and reunification

James Harvey considers the consequences in the Six Counties if the United Kingdom really does leave the EU

From bailout to Brexit

The Dublin government sees its future with mainland Europe, not an insular UK, writes James Harvey

From miracle to hard border?

In the 1990s Ireland was a great success story. Then came the financial crash and now there is the danger of Brexit unleashing economic mayhem. In the first of two articles, James Harvey discusses the changing fortunes of Irish capitalism

Across the sectarian divide

There is more to the border question than meets the eye, says James Harvey

Beyond the border quandary

Brexit is in the interest of neither British nor Irish capital, writes James Harvey

Our bodies, our choice

Whatever the result of the referendum, writes James Harvey, the fight for a woman’s right to choose will go on

Twenty years on

James Harvey recalls the Good Friday agreement and looks to the problems that lie ahead

Labour Against the Witchhunt: Liverpool launch meeting

Members discuss how to fight back

Rising to the challenge

Could the FLA develop into a fully-fledged fascist movement? That depends on the scale of forthcoming crises and the response of the left, argues James Harvey

Much needs to be done

On July 8 a team of comrades from Labour Party Marxists attended the Durham Miners’ Gala. James Harvey recounts some of his impressions of this year’s ‘Big Meeting’

Man, movement and state

The transformation of Martin McGuinness from freedom fighter to ‘man of peace’ cannot be put down to individual failings, writes James Harvey