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New times, new challenges

The first post-lockdown CU saw an in-depth exploration of war and peace. Danny Hammill reports

Secret world of the elite

Access capitalism and mammoth corruption have been laid bare by the Pandora papers, writes Danny Hammill

Spaces for left thinking

Despite witch-hunting attempts, CU saw a full week of open and frank debate, reports Danny Hammill.

From Trump to quantum computing

This year’s CU once again saw lively debate, reports Danny Hammill

Serious and open debate

Danny Hammill reports on the 8-day Communist University, organised jointly by Labour Party Marxists and the CPGB

Debating out differences

Danny Hammill overviews the CPGB’s summer school

Change and flux

Danny Hammill reviews 'Almost like a whale: The origin of species updated' by Steve Jones

Cornered poets society

Danny Hammill reviews ‘More agitation: political satires and other poems’ by Bob Dixon More (Artery Publications 1999, pp60, £3.50)

The struggle for democracy

Leninism versus left economism

Neither the pound nor the euro

European Union

Left unites

Not to bring peace

Philosophy, history and biology: Towards a critique of science

Danny Hammill reviews ‘Lifelines: biology, freedom, determinism’ by Steven Rose (Penguin 1998, pp334, £8.99)

Unity breaks out

Bridging the divide

Danny Hammill reports on the CPGB’s weekend school ‘Against economism’

For or against inclusive democracy

Danny Hammill reports on the July 5 London Socialist Alliance general meeting

Pooling our strength

Danny Hammill reports on the May 3 London Socialist Alliance election meeting

Making a mass impact

Danny Hammill reports on the April 7 meeting of the London Socialist Alliance, where it discussed which position to take on Blair’s May 7 rigged referendum

Blair touts for business

The de-Labourisation of Labour continues

Cracks appear in ‘Cool Britannia’

The love-in with New Labour has turned sour - and angry

RCP’s designer liquidationism

Don't fear the reefer

The ‘war against drugs’

Britain’s home-grown Hitler

Establishment pays respect

Death of Enoch Powell

Blair backs new Gulf slaughter

US air strikes against Baghdad could start within the week

Threat to Iraq grows

As Clinton sinks deeper in the mire, a diversionary strike is on the cards

The universe demystified

Danny Hammill reviews Denis Brian's ‘Einstein: a life’

Seize the moment

Another small left split from New Labour now appears inevitable, giving the revolutionary left a new opportunity

Breathtaking hypocrisy

Upholding the banner of Stalin

Scargill comes out of the closet

Fighting fund

Danny Hammill reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

War of prejudice

Humanising our environment

Do communists support a ban on fox-hunting or do we defend the ‘democratic rights’ of fox-hunters? Is a campaign to ban fox-hunting a ‘diversion’ from serious politics? Danny Hammill gives his view on some of these issues, debated at a recent CPGB London seminar

‘One day I’ll hav a proper job’

Danny Hammill reviews 'School’s out: poems for school' by Benjamin Zephaniah (AK Press 1997, pp56, £3.95)

Seeds of resistance

Scargill threatens members’ rights

Unity call

Lewisham debates Scargill constitution

Jobs not Job Seekers Allowance

In brief

Movement of the class

Danny Hammill reports on last week’s CPGB aggregate

Open differences

Last Sunday Open Polemic held its conference on communist fragmentation and social democracy. Danny Hammill reports

Failing the test

Heresy and orthodoxy

Danny Hammill reviews 'Reinventing Darwin: The Great Evolutionary Debate' by Niles Eldredge, (Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1995, pp244)

Anarchist arrogance

Danny Hammill reviews ‘I couldn’t paint golden angels: sixty years of commonplace life and anarchist agitation’ by Albert Meltzer (AK Press, 1996, pp386)

The stakes are high

Lewisham socialist alliance

Capitalism wins the day

Humanity denied

Danny Hammill reviews 'Burnt by the Sun' (directed by Nikita Mikalkov, 1994, Russia) and La Haine (directed by Mathieu Kassovitz, 1995, France)

The Darwinian revolution

Danny Hammill reviews 'Darwin’s Dangerous Idea: Evolution and the Meanings of Life' by Daniel Dennett (The Penguin Press 1995, pp586) and 'River out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life' by Richard Dawkins (Weidenfield & Nicolson 1995, pp172)

Competing revolutionary theories

The CPGB organised a special meeting last Sunday to discuss the recent splits in the League for a Revolutionary Communist International, which is led by the Workers Power group in Britain. The issues that have precipitated these splits are of vital importance to the entire revolutionary movement and thus should be debated openly. The main speaker was José Villa, a leading member of the LRCI’s Bolivian section, Poder Obrero. Danny Hammill reports

Royal skeletons rattled

Danny Hammill reviews Channel Four’s 'Secret Lives: Edward VIII, the Traitor King'

Toeing the party line

Danny Hammill reviews 'Art and Power: Europe under the dictators 1930-45' at Hayward Gallery, South Bank Centre (October 26 1995 - January 21 1996, £5, £3.50 concessions)

NUS attacks democracy

Hope and betrayal: Spain 1936

Danny Hammill reviews 'Land and Freedom', directed by Ken Loach (general release)

Tory tricks fall flat

Not waving but drowning

Goodbye to the left

Blair baits ‘old’ Labour

Blair tells it how it is

American war story

Danny Hammill reviews 'The End of Victory Culture: Cold War America and the Disillusioning of a Generation' by Tom Engelhardt (Basic Books 1995, pp351)

Radical feminists?

US mother of reaction adopted by feminism

Stageist road to socialism

Danny Hammill responds to the debate on the national question

Bosses find utopia

Challenging as ever

Danny Hammill reviews Thrak, Studio album by King Crimson (Discipline Global Mobile, 1995)

Marvellous cruelty

Danny Hammill reviews ‘Volpone or the Fox - a Comedy’ by Ben Jonson, directed by Katherine Bond (Large Door Productions, Greenwich Covered Market)

Labour Party’s finest hour

Attlee butchered workers’ hopes

Licenced to kill

Flexible Labour

Win the mass in the NUT

Teachers need to build on the work of the Fight Against Cuts in Education and bypass the union bureaucracy

Hobson’s choice

Morris or Dromey, the left is reduced to choosing the butcher

RCN declares UDI

Health pay unity under threat

Communist optimism

While paying lip service to Bolshevism, the British left boycotts London's May Day march

Workers of the world unite!

Two evils

Shock exposé: Che Guevara human!

Shocking massacre

Danny Hammill reviews the film 'La Reine Margot', directed by Patrice Chereau