SWP: In decay and in denial

Peter Manson contrasts the speakers lists for Marxism 2013 and Counterfire

A month or so later than usual, the timetable for the Socialist Workers Party’s annual school, Marxism, has finally been published. Titled ‘Exploring the world in turmoil’, Marxism 2013 will be held over what is virtually a long weekend - starting at 2pm on Thursday July 11, with the opening rally later that evening, and finishing at 1pm on Monday July 15.

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Syria solidarity; Police agents; Unification?; Platypus fuss; Boycott the host; No difference; EU withdrawal?

Woolwich: A pretext for state repression

The murder of a soldier highlights the irrationality of bourgeois politics - but also the failure of the left, argues Paul Demarty

Review: Method and the dialectic

Mike Macnair completes his review of: Guglielmo Carchedi, 'Behind the crisis: Marx’s dialectics of value and knowledge'. Haymarket Books, 2012, pp303, £20

PCS: Dishonest debates

Tina Becker reports from the May 21-23 conference of the Public and Commercial Services Union

Youth: A rounded view of sexuality

Do children need to be protected from pornography? Christina Black looks at the latest official report

Anti-Semitism: Churchill and the Jewish question

Paul Flewers replies to Eddie Ford

What kind of party?: Illusion is the first of all pleasures

Tim Nelson of the International Socialist Network calls for a broad party in which Marxists fight to build a revolutionary movement from the bottom up

Iran: Boycott sham elections

Yassamine Mather advocates a boycott and stresses the need for regime change from below

Appeal from the editor


Robbie Rix's howler and one day to make up £188

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