Just £188 to go this month


Robbie Rix's howler and one day to make up £188

I made an obvious howler last week when I called the £36 donation from comrade OG an “eccentric sum”. £36 is the amount of the shortfall I have been urging readers to make up since March, and she had actually said so! Anyway, my apologies.

The bad news is, with one day to go in our May fighting fund, we still have not reached our normal £1,500 target, let alone the remaining deficit from March. Thanks to standing orders from DO, SP, DS, PM, JT, RC and CC, two £20 cheques from HT and FP, plus £7 added to AN’s book order, we raised £244 over the last seven days. We had 9,992 online readers, but there are no other PayPal donations to report.

With £1,348 in hand, we need another £188 by 6pm on Friday May 31. Please use PayPal or make a transfer from your online bank account to 00744310 (sort code: 30-99-64).

Talking of PayPal, internet readers will have noticed that our website has been crash-free for the last couple of weeks, thanks to the sterling work of our web techies. Your donations can help to ensure we can continue to repair faults quickly.