WW archive > Issue 83 - 23 February 1995

United fight against 1%

In the face of a storm of protest from healthworkers the Tories are pleading poverty. They are desperate to fund their tax cut bribes at the expense of our pay packets and public services. Their attempt to split the workforce up around the country through the divisive local negotiations tactic must be responded to by a united national campaign


Short sighted; Motorway madness

Hackney CP wins support

Nurses condemn 1% pay insult

Organise to fight back together

Inflation robbery

Forcing Richard to budge

For justice sake

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, February 26 1920

Bring down the bosses’ barriers

Mandela warns of ‘anarchy’

SACP must become a real Party

Veteran South African communist leader, Harry Gwala, talked to Peter Manson

Anglo-Irish anti-climax

Major fails to prevent Euro-war escalation

School students take on Wimpey

Campaign against M77 mounts

Sport as a weapon

Workers’ action forces French climbdown

Build solidarity with sacked busworkers

Bill Horslen, one of the sacked busworkers from Chelmsford, reports on the Badgerline group delegate conference of the Transport and General Workers Union

Compassion for humans?

Fighting fund

Phil Kent reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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