WW archive > Issue 817 - 13 May 2010


Village; Left out; Don't be fooled; Sinking left

Integration and working class culture

David Bates reviews Dave Renton's 'Colour blind? Race and migration in north-east England since 1945' University of Sunderland Press, 2008, pp286, £10.95

A message from death row

Farzad Kamangar's last letter: 'Is it possible to teach and be silent?'

Abysmal day for non-Labour left

The performance of non-Labour working class candidates on May 6 was woeful. Peter Manson and John Masters report on the candidates, the figures and the excuses

Europe and the Greek contagion

The crisis in Greece is bound up with the global capitalist downturn. Instead of a nationalist response there could be an international fightback, writes James Turley

Execution to impose terror

Our response to the judicial murder of Kurds should not be to call for the Iranian regime to be hauled before a tribunal for 'crimes against humanity', writes Yassamine Mather. It should be to step up our solidarity

So much for 'social weight'

The far left vote has gone from the tiny to the statistically insignificant, writes Eddie Ford

Scottish myth blown away

Left nat candidates humiliated, writes Sarah McDonald

Left results: full breakdown

Leave aside their opportunist politics - candidates standing for left-of-Labour organisations managed to get results that barely register statistically. Collated by Jim Moody

Workers' defence

For self-defence and against anarchistic violence

Government of the people, by corruption, for the capitalists

David Cameron's deal with Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats puts in place the 'strong government' demanded by the capitalist class. The working class will now be attacked with a vengeance, writes Mike Macnair


Robbie Rix reckons we are still on target

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