Robbie Rix reckons we are still on target

Following last week’s good start to our May fighting fund, things have slowed up a little. But we are still on target to reach our £1,250 target.

For the first time in ages we clocked up more than 20,000 internet readers last week - there were 20,892 visitors to www.cpgb.org.uk - but only two of them decided to contribute to our fund. Thanks to GH and FJ for your £20 donations. Actually, make that three. The Irish website, Forth, has donated £30 in exchange for reproducing Chris Gray’s excellent Weekly Worker series on ancient Rome from 2008.

Once again we can only speculate as to why the number of web readers has increased, virtually week by week, for the last couple of months - it is now way above the 15,000 we have been used to. Could be something to do with the general election - a hunch that would perhaps be backed up by a drop back to the previous level now it is over.

While for whatever reason the web readership is volatile, the number of our regular supporters who donate by monthly standing order remains steady (and reliable!). Thanks this week to SF, GD and SWS, who pushed up our total by £82. We also received a £60 cheque from another extra-reliable comrade, TR, whose regular gifts are more than appreciated.

This week we received £212 to take our May total up to £580. But we need to accelerate just a little bit after this week’s slowdown. If any of those new web newcomers like what they see ...