WW archive > Issue 629 - 15 June 2006

No nonsense

Our campaign to raise £30,000 is off to a flying start


Arbitrary; Climate change; Comedy capers; Good news; Ones and twos; Broad left; Then and now; Back Tommy; 50-50; SWP fetish

Don't mention the regime

The June 12 'open organising meeting' of Action Iran quickly focused on one question - should it take up a position on the nature of the Iranian regime or simply remain a 'single-issue campaign'? Tina Becker reports

No to workers' representation

Lawrence Parker reports from the June 12 AGM of the People's Press Printing Society (the body that owns and produces the Morning Star)

What should have been done

Jack Conrad concludes his series of articles on the general strike

Bitter fruits of personality politics

SSP member Nick Rogers gives his view of the crisis engulfing the party. Tommy Sheridan's celebrity status should have been tackled decisively at an early stage

Republican democracy and revolutionary patience

Mike Macnair concludes his series on communist strategy by throwing down the challenge to the existing left

Against war, for democracy

Comrade Jamshid from the Committee to Defend the Iranian People's Rights spoke to Anne Mc Shane about his organisation and the role of the anti-war movement

Obscene apologia

Anybody expecting a debate at the annual conference of the Stop the War Coalition was to be disappointed, writes Anne Mc Shane. The last thing the leadership wants is a challenge to their 'Don't criticise Iran' line

Wanted: principled opposition

There is a joint left opposition emerging in the two German groups, WASG and Linkspartei.PDS, coming together in a new workers' party. But is it prepared to take on the existing leaderships in both organisations? Ben Lewis reports from the June 10 conference in Berlin, 'For an anti-capitalist left'

Military calls the tune

Turkey is fast approaching yet another crisis, as the AKP (Justice and Development Party) government tries to balance the interests of finance capital and the nationalistic state bureaucracy with its own mass support. Esen Uslu analyses the current situation

No nonsense

Our campaign to raise £30,000 is off to a flying start

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