WW archive > Issue 1441 - 04 May 2023

Powers hidden in reserve

This Saturday, says Eddie Ford, should remind us that the role of the monarchy is not only about pomp, circumstance and providing popular entertainment


Confusion; Decisive shift?; Spider-writing; Terrorism; Settler-colonial; Not Nazi; Class rump; Either-or

A manufactured illusion

Today’s monarchy is not a precious inheritance dating back to the Saxons. It is a product of the mass media, argues Paul Demarty

Take inspiration from Cromwell

Enough of platonic republicanism, enough of fickle republicanism, enough of egg-throwing republicanism, says Jack Conrad . We need a militant fight for republican democracy

Stuff ‘single person’ leadership

Despite its ostensible archaism, the coronation of Charles III reflects the thoroughly modern practice of one-man management, argues Mike Macnair

Dynasty after dynasty

The last shah liked to boast of a history that made the House of Windsor look like mere parvenus. But, as Yassamine Mather shows, there were numerous breaks, conquests and regime changes brought in from the outside

The meaning of May Day

First published on May 1 1907 in Clara Zetkin’s Die Gleichheit (‘Equality’), this article by Rosa Luxemburg skilfully explains the significance of International Workers’ Day - launched at the founding congress of the Second International in 1889

Hanging on a knife’s edge

Though the opposition appears to have a narrow lead ahead of this month’s general election, the regime has plenty of dirty tricks up its sleeve. Esen Uslu reports on Erdoğan-style campaigning

Online Communist Forum Sunday May 7 5pm

Republicanism and the coronation’s pomp and circumstance - political report from CPGB’s Provisional Central Committee and discussion

Second time unlucky

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