WW archive > Issue 1428 - 02 February 2023

Devolution non-recognition

UK government uses the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill as an excuse to assert ministers’ right to micro-manage Holyrood legislation for Tory electoral advantage. Mike Macnair explores the issues


Warmongers; Military matters; Backbone; Governance?

Social-imperialism is betrayal

Joint statement

Salvaging the wreck?

Kevin Bean of Labour Party Marxists assesses the parlous state of the official left - illusions must be cast aside

Centrality of involvement

In light of the mass upsurge in Iran sparked by protests against the hijab, Yassamine Mather asked Anne McShane to speak about the lessons of history, in particular the fight against bourgeois feminism in the Second International and the role of Bolshevik women in Russia

From Dixon to Carrick

Following the latest scandal involving the Met, Eddie Ford agrees with SWP’s call for the abolition of the police. But then what?

Barking at the moon

Ignoring the huge catalogue of articles, speeches and resolutions, Daniel Lazare accuses Moshé Machover and the CPGB of silence when it comes to class politics in the context of Israel-Palestine

Class, nation and religion

These forty-one theses on the Arab awakening and Israel-Palestine were agreed by the CPGB membership aggregate in June 2011. Though obviously dated in this or that respect, the broad strategic outline remains all too relevant

Dispatches from the warzone

The Tories are deliberately running down the NHS and the human cost is horrendous. But James Linney does not reckon Labour’s plans amount to anything much better


Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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