WW archive > Issue 1427 - 26 January 2023

Fusion is no solution

There has been much crowing over the recent breakthrough in nuclear technology. But Jack Conrad has his doubts about fusion being the ultimate terrestrial energy source


Oppression; Popular militia; Hypocritical; Truth and lies; Vitriol; Soviets; Private schools

German Ostpolitik collapses

What lies behind the furore over sending Leopard 2 tanks to the Ukraine battlefield? Something deeper is going on, writes Daniel Lazare

Safe space for Zionism

The left should and will reject Rebecca Tuck’s report into ‘anti-Semitism’ - but our own errors make it hard to fight back, argues Paul Demarty

From amidst the wreckage

Talal Hangari banks on staying in Labour and the left uniting to defeat the bans and proscriptions

Low stunts, high politics

In the run-up to the May elections, the provocations of anti-Muslim rightwingers have been a godsend for Erdoğan, writes Esen Uslu

Farewell to an inspiration

Obituary: Gustav (Schlacke) Lamche, director and producer for Cinema Action, August 25 1933-January 15 2023

Oil workers join protests

All manner of tiny cracks are opening up at the top levels of the theocracy. Yassamine Mather looks behind the often arcane disputes

Within reach

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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