WW archive > Issue 1364 - 23 September 2021

Combating the Capitalistocene

With global temperatures in danger of increasing to 1.5 ÂșC above pre-industrial levels by 2025, Eddie Ford fears that governments might actually do something - at our expense


Who with whom?; Submissive?; Tiresome; No27 out

Media muddle

Yes, they are deeply reactionary, writes Yassamine Mather. But they have learnt to survive, adapt and win

One coup attempt or two?

There was general Mark Milley too. Daniel Lazare re-examines January 6 in light of the latest revelations

A political system test

Joe Biden is attempting to reverse US imperial decline through a neo-Keynesian turn, argues Jim Creegan

Enlightened constitutions

Mike Macnair shows that the US constitution modernised the English constitution - no monarch, no hereditary peers, no state church - but made the interests of capital more secure against the lower orders

Those who look into the abyss

Words can have all manner of meanings. Paul Demarty takes issue with Amanda MacLean on trans rights

Story of vengeance

Gaby Rubin reviews 'Indecent', Menier Chocolate Factory, London (ends November 27). Written by Paula Vogel and directed by Rebecca Taichman

Waiting for the axe

With the Brighton conference about to begin, Derek James of Labour Party Marxists looks at a confused left and the failure to confront a witch-hunt that began not with Keir Starmer, but Jeremy Corbyn

Help us get there

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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