WW archive > Issue 1361 - 02 September 2021

No longer a US problem

Undoubtedly the region’s powers see opportunities with the Americans gone, but mostly they see dangers. Yassamine Mather looks at the prospects now that the Taliban are back in Kabul


Unappealing cult; Long live SEP!; Taaffe was right; Get act together; Climate crisis; Hysteria; Amateurish; Roberts wrong; Confuced?; Defending Turkey

Arms and the duopoly

Afghanistan was a disastrous bipartisan war supported by Democrats and Republicans alike. Daniel Lazare lambasts the idea that the solution lies in a third bourgeois party untainted by the arms industry

Manufacturing consensus

We do not want to unite the whole of the anti-racist movement, if that means uniting all prepared to mouth anti-racist platitudes. In fact, writes Paul Demarty, so far as such ‘unity’ exists, our role is to destroy it

Constitutions ancient and modern

Bourgeois politicians, not least those in Britain and the US, make frankly risible claims about the constitutions of their respective countries. But, argues Mike Macnair in the first of two articles, Marxists are right to treat constitutions seriously

Tackling the key issues

From free speech to climate change. Derek James reports on this year’s Summer Communist University

Continue the fight

As Keir Starmer’s regime prepares a hostile environment for socialists at Labour’s annual conference, Labour Against the Witchhunt resolves to step up its campaign. Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists reports on the August 28 online membership meeting

Up and running

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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