WW archive > Issue 121 - 07 December 1995

Workers in France show the way

160,000 marched in Paris this week and more workers looked set to join the strikes this Thursday


Self-appointed; Hell on earth?; Bemused

Employment service strike

Conversion on the road to Dundee

Phil Kent contributes to the debate on federalism, explaining the shift in his position

Ucatt’s scab convenor

A leftwing programme for the ILP

From 'The Communist', paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain, December 9, 1920

Putting socialist vision back on the agenda

Militant Labour and Scottish Militant Labour, like ourselves, have thrown themselves into discussion around a Socialist Labour Party. Nick Clarke spoke to Tommy Sheridan of SML about the possibilities of such an organisation

Walsall ‘socialists’ booted out

IWCA confusion

Competing revolutionary theories

The CPGB organised a special meeting last Sunday to discuss the recent splits in the League for a Revolutionary Communist International, which is led by the Workers Power group in Britain. The issues that have precipitated these splits are of vital importance to the entire revolutionary movement and thus should be debated openly. The main speaker was José Villa, a leading member of the LRCI’s Bolivian section, Poder Obrero. Danny Hammill reports

Bolivia’s Gerry Healy

Solidarity with Poder Obrero

Sectarian vanguardism wins the day

Bob Smith - For a permanent Party polemic committee

Debate continues after aggregate

CPGB aggregate meeting passes Perspectives for 1996

Twenty-first anniversary of the founding of the IRSP

Statement by the Ard Comhairle of the Irish Republican Socialist Party

Heroic struggle turned to self-blame

Shuttle by Joseph Crilly at the Red Room October Song by Andrew Hinds at the Orange Tree

Clinton boosts imperialist peace

Pompous and irrelevant constitutional proposals

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