Ucatt’s scab convenor

THE LAST article on the two sacked DLO building workers in Southwark (Weekly Worker 119) gave the impression that Ucatt convenor/steward, Tony O’Brien, was coercing the five transferred workers to cross the picket line at Frensham Street depot. This is not the case. These workers are now working out of the most threadbare premises imaginable provided by the private company Botes.

O’Brien is in fact coercing the bulk of the building workers who still work for Southwark DLO.

On Monday November 13 several DLO workers did not want to cross the picket line and joined the sacked workers and their supporters. O’Brien arrived and shouted at the workers to force them to cross. He then promised the sacked workers that they could address a mass meeting, on which basis the picket was called off. No mass meeting took place and the picket was reinstated.

Unfortunately John Jones (one of the sacked workers) is the only steward who has stood up to O’Brien, who is the main barrier to a successful outcome of this dispute for the two sacked workers and principled trade unionism.

Brian Higgins
Building Worker Group