WW archive > Issue 1171 - 21 September 2017

Bringing Marx and Engels into the picture

Continuity was the link between Marxism’s founders and 1917 Russia, argues August Nimtz, in the first of three talks he gave to the CPGB’s Communist University


Bolshevism; Airbrushed; Legalise them; Insightful; They earned it; Iran injustice; AKP persecution; Orwellian

Keep up the pressure

Labour’s NEC has opened the door for much-needed change - now the left needs to take advantage of that opening, says Carla Roberts

In the footsteps of Lenin

The official CPGB’s leading theoretician, Rajani Palme Dutt, followed the example of Lenin when assessing the reputation of Karl Kautsky, writes Lawrence Parker

Boris’s cunning plan

Foreign secretary will never be good enough for Boris Johnson, reckons Paul Demarty - but the top job is hardly guaranteed

New assault on migrants

Trump’s latest moves emphasise once again the need for the left to get its act together, writes Peter Moody

Humpty Dumpty and ‘anti-Semitism’

The Jewish Labour Movement claims its rule change has been adopted by the Labour Party NEC, Kat Gugino, of Labour Party Marxists, begs to differ

Hire and fire as they please

With union combativity languishing, writes Michael Roberts, real wages continue to fall despite full employment

Up our sights

Aim just a little higher, and our target will be hit, says Robbie Rix

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