WW archive > Issue 109 - 31 August 1995

Fight Job Seekers Allowance

The TUC called a national meeting last week on the JSA, which aims to penalise the unemployed still more for the ‘crime’ of being out of work

Defend Dave Carr, defend the NHS

Communist Party Offensive 95

Breaking down the barriers to unity

Is a federal republic the way forward? Here we present two more contributions to the debate

‘Concession' condemned

The British state remains armed to the teeth while its victims rot in jail

Hunger strikers weaken

Moscow’s welcome to the Third International

From 'The Communist', paper of the CPGB, September 2 1920

Howard crack-down

Jesus cult flourishes

Unsafe rail sell-off

Firefighters vote to escalate strike

Determined to win

Walsall’s sham democracy

Vote Communist on September 14

No more cuts, no more closures. Join us in fighting back

Lochee referendum on health cuts

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