Moscow’s welcome to the Third International

From 'The Communist', paper of the CPGB, September 2 1920

THIS DAY was devoted to a great demonstration in honour of the congress, organised by the Moscow Soviet in the Red Square, before the walls of the Kremlin.

... By noon the square was filled with troops of all arms, drawn up in mass, while the adjacent Revolution Square was filled with columns of the civil population from the districts.

... The delegates to the congress - ascended the tribunes on either side of the mound to the strains of ‘The Internationale’, while Trotsky, who had accompanied them, inspected the ranks.

... After the soldiers came the demonstration of the civilian population - first the serried ranks of the armed workers undergoing militia training; then thousands upon thousands of working women; then long columns of unarmed workers, followed by the proletarian sports associations, in gymnastic dress; then a long line of decor-ated lorries filled with children; then column after column of boy and girl scouts, who, on being given the challenge, “Be prepared!” by Trotsky from the tribune, answered, “Ever prepared!” in chorus.