WW archive > Issue 1033 - 06 November 2014

End the war on drugs

Yet another report showing the harm done by anti-drug laws, writes Eddie Ford - and therefore destined to be ignored


Bitter taste; Backward affair; Unmasked; Humanitarian?; Self-liquidate

Intersectionality vs social-imperialism

The recent spat in the NUS over Islamic State is indicative of the political disorientation of the student movement, writes Charles Gradnitzer

Class struggle intensifies

Toby Abse reports on both verbal and physical clashes, as workers resist the latest attacks from ‘Italy’s Tony Blair’

A better way of being

Mass protest looks likely to sink the Irish government's introduction of water charges. Anne McShane spoke to a leading member of the 'Cobh Says No' campaign

SWP: Hype and delusions

Peter Manson reviews Internal Bulletin No2

Relating to the left as it is

The Communist Platform met on November 2 to prepare for the Left Unity conference in two weeks time. Daniel Harvey reports

The limits of journalism

Nick Davies Hack attack: how the truth caught up with Rupert Murdoch Chatto and Windus, 2014, pp430, £20

Organise the militant minority

The attacks on the miners were aimed at breaking organised labour in general; but union bureaucrats failed to rise to the challenge of building mass solidarity. Jack Conrad argued for a rank-and-file movement in this Leninist reprint

A pseudo-democratic caricature

The problem is not the House of Lords’ London bias, or even its unelected character: there should be no second chamber, argues Paul Demarty

Plan B

Robbie Rix is perturbed at the precision demanded by the Post Office

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