WW archive > Issue 967 - 20 June 2013

People's Assembly: A rough guide

Who is behind the launch of the People’s Assembly? What are the aims and methods? Peter Manson looks at the personalities, politics and possibilities


We ain’t there; Unpublished; Still ignoring; Back in the USSR; Polish link; Abortion error; Inept term; Socialist-lite; Remember 1913

Left Unity: Policy put on hold

Dave Isaacson (Milton Keynes LU) and Michael Copestake (Sheffield LU) report from Left Unity’s first national coordinating group meeting

Broad parties: Theories of deception

The extent to which we practise transparency and democracy determines whether we can be taken seriously, argues Mike Macnair

Iran election: Not a victory for progressives

A massive protest vote humiliated the conservative candidates. But paradoxically the election of a centrist can boost the regime, argues Yassamine Mather

Istanbul revolt suppressed

Esen Uslu reports from Istanbul on the brutal repression that finally saw off the rearguard action of the protestors

Italy: Populists in disarray

Why do some on the British left see Beppe Grillo’s party as a kind of model? Toby Abse reports on the fallout following Italy’s local elections

How the triumvirate marched all the way to failure

Callum Williamson reviews: Chris Nineham, 'The people v Tony Blair: politics, the media and the anti-war movement'. Zero Books, 2012, pp87, £6.99

Labour Party: Safe pair of Eds

By promising to keep within Tory spending plans, writes Eddie Ford, Ed Miliband and Ed Balls are trying to show that Labour would be a ‘responsible party of government’

Summer Offensive: How do you do that?

Mark Fischer gives comrades the first update

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