WW archive > Issue 96 - 01 June 1995

Railworkers - Prepare for action!

More and more workers are saying, ‘Enough is enough’. They want to put a stop to job losses, wage cuts and worse conditions. But we need much more than enthusiasm to win these battles


RWT and regroupment; Instant communism; No votes for sheep; Tory mark II; T&G still great

Bankworkers shut down Barclays

Despite record profits Barclays wants to impose another round of pay cuts for bankworkers

Establishment mourns one of its own

From the left to the right the politicians of the capitalist class lavished praise on Harold Wilson

Theory and practice

The 12th Party Offensive

Harold Burgess

From Workers’ Dreadnought, paper of the Workers’ Socialist Federation, May 29 1920

Neither fit for the job

RCN declares UDI

Health pay unity under threat

Immigration crackdown

Pakistani, Iraqi and Kurdish workers, as well as members of Brent Labour Party and the Revolutionary Communist Party, were among those present at Brent Communist Party’s branch meeting against the government’s immigration crackdown. Below we report extracts from comrade Stan Kelsey’s speech

Students say no to loans

Rolls attacks meet with resistance

Imperialism’s Bosnian mire

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