WW archive > Issue 946 - 24 January 2013

Anthropology: Reclaiming the dragon

What was primitive communism? Socialist Workers Party member Lionel Sims explores the meaning of the Eden myth and its significance for women’s oppression


Fight now; Residual; Dogma dies hard; Feminist space; Detritus; Real men; Genuine vanguard; Ticket to hide

Israel: Old wine in new Zionist bottles

Tony Greenstein comments on the 2013 Israeli general election

Italy: More of the same

There will be another round of cuts and austerity, whoever wins the general election, writes Toby Abse

PCS union: Where is the strategy?

The PCS leadership seems to be up for a fight over pay, says Dave Vincent. But can it persuade the members that they can win alone?

SWP opposition: Seymour in Greece

He may have been propelled to the vanguard of the SWP opposition - but it is not immediately clear what Richard Seymour’s politics actually are. Paul Demarty looks for clues

ACI Hardy & Cooper: Beyond ‘anti-capitalism’

Harley Filben reviews: Luke Cooper and Simon Hardy, 'Beyond capitalism? The future of radical politics'. Zero Books, 2013, pp174, £11.99

Nature and Programme: Wealth of nature and counterfeit Marxism

Why does SWP Online insist on carrying anti-Marxist nonsense? Jack Conrad shows why root-and-branch change is long overdue

SWP: No return to normal

The fight for democracy and accountability in the SWP is gaining ground, reports Ben Lewis

Supplement: The antinomies of Georg Lukács

Though his key texts languished in obscurity for half a century, Georg Lukács re-emerged in the late 20th century with a reputation as one of the great Marxist thinkers. Leading members of the Socialist Workers Party eagerly declared themselves amongst his disciples. However, James Turley argues that his work constitutes an obstacle to revolutionary politics

Not so festive

Robbie Rix laments our festive financial hangover, but remains upbeat

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