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Democracy and state: Revolutionary road - a bourgeois saga

Marc Mulholland examines the complex interrelationship between democracy, class struggles and the state


Keen on Keynes; Add SAlt; Not opposed; Unchained; Confused; US coalitions; Zigs and zags; Tell the truth!

Iran Solidarity: Solidarity run

Comrades and friends of Workers Fund Iran are doing another solidarity marathon run reports Jamie Tedford

Iran tribunal: In the firing line

When is a political tribunal ‘non-political’? Hands Off the People of Iran national secretary Mark Fischer responds to the latest salvo of pro-imperialist apologetics

Solidarity with the people of Iran

Model motion from Hands Off the People of Iran

US elections: Mugged by reality

The US presidential election of 2012 is less interesting for the victory of Barack Obama than for the debacle of the Republican Party, writes Jim Creegan

China: Apologia with racist characteristics

Once again, laments Eddie Ford, the Morning Star prostrates itself before the corrupt Chinese bureaucracy

Sex: Ethical porn and exploitation

Sarah McDonald reviews: Anne G Sabo, 'After pornified: how women are transforming pornography and why it really matters'. Zero Books, 2012, pp245, £12.99

HM conference: Theory in exile

The ninth annual conference of Historical Materialism journal provides a snapshot of the academic left, writes James Turley

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