Extra C

Even accidental donations are welcome, but a few more done on purpose would be nice comments Robbie Rix

It’s not often that I can report two contributions to the fighting fund donated by mistake!

Mistake number one happened when comrade EW, genuinely impressed by the article from Mark Fisher (‘Not failing better, but fighting to win’, November 1), sent us a £50 cheque asking for several copies of his book, Capitalist realism. Unfortunately he had confused the author with CPGB national organiser Mark Fischer (spot the extra C in the spelling?) and we couldn’t oblige. But never mind - when the CPGB’s MF gave him the bad news, EW told us to hand the money to the Weekly Worker instead!

Mistake number two involved a smaller amount. Comrade JB accidentally subscribed to the paper twice via PayPal, so we got two £5 monthly payments instead of one. Well, he’s now cancelled one of his subs, but he’s told us to keep the extra fiver. Thanks to both!

Talking of PayPal, since we set up the dedicated Weekly Worker account a couple of months back we have had a good number of subs come in that way. I know I’m always complaining that only a tiny proportion of our online readers (there were 11,527 of them last week) use PayPal to donate to the fund, but I’m pleased it’s becoming such a popular way of subscribing (let’s not mention the cut that PayPal themselves take from each transaction though).

I also received a handy £50 cheque from TG, plus standing order donations totalling £107. But the overall amount this week was a bit on the low side, at £212, taking our November total to £639. But we need £1,500 and half the month has gone already. A bit of acceleration is in order, I think!