Solidarity with the people of Iran

Model motion from Hands Off the People of Iran

We stand in solidarity with the people of Iran against the corrupt, oppressive, theocratic regime. We stand in solidarity with the workers, women, students, youth and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual people in Iran in their struggle for freedom, democracy and regime change from below.

We stand against imperialist sanctions and war, and against regime change from above. We condemn the covert war already underway, through cyber-attack, assassinations and bombings. We demand an end to economic sanctions, which condemn the people to poverty and undermine their ability to organise opposition.

The threat of military attack by Israel and the US, backed by the UK, excuses the theocratic regime’s attacks on its political opposition, as well as its anti-labour laws and sweeping privatisations.

This branch/organisation resolves to: