WW archive > Issue 892 - 01 December 2011

Marx's spectre haunts the wealthy and powerful

The ruling class has no workable strategy for rescuing the system, argues Hillel Ticktin


Slipped up; Build it; Inept Stalin; Betrayal; Distorted; 30 years behind; Tribune; Unrepresented; Bet on war

Nothing to contribute

The Durban conference on climate change is likely to be even more useless than its predecessors - James Turley argues it is time to serve notice on capital's stewardship of the environment

Left rhetoric and reformist illusions

The 1891 Erfurt programme adopted by the Social Democratic Party of Germany was regarded as a 'return to Marxism', writes Ben Lewis. If only the same could be said of Die Linke's 2011 version

Zig-zagging social imperialists

What determines the Alliance for Workers' Liberty line is its support for 'democratic imperialism', writes socialist blogger Arthur Bough

Pushed as far as we will go

David Douglass reviews Keith Pattison and David Peace 'No redemption: the 1984-85 miners' strike in the Durham coalfield' Flambard Press, Newcastle Upon Tyne, 2010, pp104,

ULA must take itself seriously

Anne McShane argues that the United Left Alliance must take a lead

Out to roll back the revolution

The military and the Muslim Brotherhood are only temporary allies, argues Eddie Ford


Roobie Rix reports on a good month for the fighting fund

Forging unified class action

Dave Vincent reports on the build-up to the big public sector strike

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