WW archive > Issue 812 - 08 April 2010

It is not enough to call for abolition of anti-union laws

Capitalism and the rule of law are incompatible with political democracy and free association, writes Mike Macnair


EDL and sects; Heed ye; Otherwise; Weak platforms; No SWP veto; On scum

Subtle messages

A Hopi member reviews Jafar Panahi's film Offside

Aiming to be Arab-free

What we are seeing in Israel is the beginning of a curtailment of civil rights for Israeli Jews as well as Palestinians, reports Tony Greenstein

The road to working class revolution

Nick Rogers raises criticisms and identifies omissions in the amended Draft programme proposed by the CPGB leadership

What the EDL is and how not to combat it

Is it wrong to describe membership of the English Defence League as lumpen? Are they BNP pawns or a fascist danger in their own right? Eddie Ford examines these and other questions

Free Jafar Panahi and all political prisoners in Iran

Hands Off the People of Iran has been campaigning for the release of the internationally know Iranian filmmaker, Jafar Panahi, arrested by the Islamic regime on March 1

Vote for Labour anti-cuts, anti-war candidates

Prepare for a political fightback, writes James Turley

No help needed?

Dave McAllister wonders what the main players in Tusc are afraid of

From 'smart sanctions' to sanctions with 'bite'

It is the Iranian people who lose and the regime that gains from imperialist threats, writes Yassamine Mather


Robbie Rix is moderately encouraged after the first week of April

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