WW archive > Issue 785 - 17 September 2009

The four wagers of Lenin in 1917

The Bolshevik decision to make revolution was based on four key predictions, or ‘wagers’, says Lars T Lih: international revolution, soviet democracy, peasant followership and progress towards socialism. This is an edited version of the third speech he gave to the CPGB’s Communist University

Revolution - sexual and digital

Eddie Ford sees an advance in Downing Street’s belated apology

Spot the difference

Some people cannot distinguish a revolutionary alliance from class collaboration. Peter Manson looks at the South African Communist Party’s contradictions

Salmond banks on Tories

The Scottish National Party has called for a referendum on independence, writes Sarah McDonald. How should the left respond?

Labour and mini-Labour

The Trade Union Congress saw a bit of prime ministerial honesty, a lot of hot air, but nothing in the way of concrete measures to protect workers from the effects of the ongoing economic crisis. Phil Ritchie reports

Farcical and reactionary

Even by the standards of ‘paedo panic’ hysteria, writes James Turley, plans to vet 11 million adults who come into regular contact with children are absurd

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