WW archive > Issue 78 - 19 January 1995

Labour’s clause four dead-end

Labour’s infighting over clause four is in full swing now with almost every left group imaginable inside and out of the Labour Party jumping on board to defend the clause. Everybody knows that it has meant nothing to the Labour Party in power and that the wording itself means little. But just as with the leadership contest, until we are able to build an effective alternative to Labour the left will hang desperately on to its skirt tails


National service; Fighting the cause; Overstated

Germany going ‘red’

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, January 22 1920

The cost of greed

Bang up to date

Ian Farrell reviews 'The Origin of the Universe' by John D Barrow

Moscow turmoil as Chechens resist

Cuba - revolution in danger

Steve Kay has just returned from Cuba. Here he gives his first impressions of a now isolated revolution in danger

Labour’s communist moles?

SWP calls for state capitalism

Devolutionary socialism?

The row over devolution is being used to fuel nationalism in Scotland. A Scottish parliament will not put power into the hands of workers

For a workers’ republic

No reliance on police

Hospitals not charters

Fighting fund

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