WW archive > Issue 654 - 04 January 2007

Decriminalise sex work

How should the left relate to sex workers? Following the murder of five prostitutes in Ipswich, Peter Manson spoke to Ana Lopes of the International Union of Sex Workers (www.iusw.org)


Pub talk; Hungary 1956; Point of fact; Hot air; Whose parliament?; New recruit; Obnoxious; Solidarity motions; Solidarity-SSP; No position; No alternative; Oil war

Iran solidarity

Yassamine Mather (Critique editorial group) explains why the campaign 'Hands off the People of Iran' has been set up. To get in touch with the campaign, email nowaroniran@yahoo.co.uk

Death of a nationalist

Mike Macnair looks at the death of Saddam Hussein

Founding Statement

Hands Off the People of Iran campaign

The test of 1917

Did events force Lenin to jettison his 'democratic dictatorship of the proletariat and peasantry' formulation after the fall of tsarism? Or was this formulation concretised in the republic of workers', peasants' and soldiers' soviets? Jack Conrad continues his study of the communist programme

Workers' militia and burning necessity

Is workers' defence a question for the future or should communists champion the right to bear arms today? Jim Moody looks at the issues

Chartism - the second coming

Does the Revolutionary Democratic Group have a sectarian attitude to mass workers' party projects? Dave Craig replies to Mike Macnair's criticisms

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