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Pushing ahead

Howard Roak


Rotten answers; True equality; Rotten bloc; Unity call; Climate change; Tool of Tehran; No apology

Bonapartist demagogy in barbed financial appeal

Tommy Sheridan's no-holds-barred letter to Scottish Socialist Party members and below the official diplomatic response distributed by national secretary Allan Green

Battle lines drawn

Tommy Sheridan has launched a Bonapartist power-grab. This weekend's national council looks set to ratchet up tensions even further, writes Peter Manson

Not fit for purpose

In the panic over sex crimes, communists emphasise the need for treatment, not revenge. Eddie Ford comments

Unity and the SSP

Is working class unity helped by a separate Scottish Socialist Party and the strategy for an 'independent socialist Scotland'? The following exchange took place recently on the Socialist Alliance internet discussion list between Bob Goupillot - a member of the Republican Communist Network (Scotland), one of the SSP's smaller platforms - and Jack Conrad. Things kicked off when comrade Goupillot defended the SSP after a posting by Jim Gilbert

Unholy alliance

What is the link between Zionism and anti-semitism? Tony Greenstein explains that there is a closer connection than many modern Zionists would care to admit

Diminished horizons, modern-day echoes

Lawrence Parker reviews John Callaghan: Cold War, crisis and conflict: the CPGB 1951-68 (Lawrence and Wishart, 2003, pp256, £15.99)

Pushing ahead

Howard Roak

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