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Keith Frogson; FBU Nightmare; Impressed; Stalin; Farcical; Tsarist abuse; Smoking bans; Postpone; Secular Iran; Millwall election; IWCA potential; Livingstone; Red party; Free Trade; Internationalism; Testing times; imperialism

Learning from difference

Members and friends of the CPGB, and visitors from at least 14 other leftwing and progressive organisations, took part in this year's Communist University, in London from August 14 to 21. Comrades enjoyed the opportunity to debate a range of topics and to get to know other members and supporters from around the country.

Cult of non-personality

Phil Hamilton reviews the website of the George Bush campaign - and takes a dig at the Republican Party's convention

Socialist-Labourism or republican socialism?

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group argues for one step at a time

Women's rights under attack

While the Republican Party tries to present its moderate face, nobody can be in any doubt as to George W Bush's real agenda. He represents plutocratic, conservative America and the politics of social control. But what of John Kerry? As Anne Mc Shane makes clear, he is on the retreat and now simply markets himself to women as the lesser evil

An insult to intelligence

Martin Schreader, editor of Appeal to Reason, paper of the revolutionary Debs faction of the Socialist Party USA

ESF chooses Ken's police apologist

The contradictions surrounding this year's European Social Forum in London are taking their toll, reports Tina Becker

Final tally £28,793

Yet another bloody non-sectarian sect

The Red Party Tiny Red Book (July 2004) http://www.redparty.org.uk/tinyredbook.html The Red Party Red Star, No1, August 2004, £1

Ending chaos and avoiding civil war

Mohsen Karim, a member of the central committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iraq, addressed the CPGB's Communist University 2004

Familiar arguments and getting rooted

Mark Fischer reports from the recent Respect activists meeting in Hackney


Siraj Mohamed shares his impressions of his first Communist University

BNP infiltrates SWP

How could it have happened that two young members of the British National Party were promoted to celebrated 'student activists' in the Socialist Workers Party, asks Sam Davies

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