WW archive > Issue 491 - 31 July 2003


Age of consent; Anarchist approach; Oust FBU leaders; Reactionary utopia; AWL and Zionism; Shachtmanism; ICP joins council; Delegate duties

Socialist Alliance: Still very much to do

Matthew Caygill attended a positive meeting of Socialist Allianmce comrades in Yorkshire and Humberside

Class lessons of genocide

Ian Donovan reviews Mahmood Mamdani's 'When Victims Become Killers', Princeton University Press, 2001, pp363, £35, hbk

The war of Marek's ear

Former Labour Party member and member of the Welsh Assembly, John Marek is being courted by left nationalists and the SWP following his declaration for a Welsh socialist party. Cameron Richards takes a look

SSP equivalent in Wales

John Marek's remarks in Red Pepper (July)

Hegelian pitfalls

Mike Macnair reviews Ian Fraser's 'Hegel, Marx: the concept of need', Edinburgh University Press, 1998, pp207, £16.50. pbk

Socialist Alliance: Appeals committee begins work

Committee member Anne Mc Shane reports on its first meeting

Party notes: Democracy and centralism

Democratic centralism is on the agenda following the meeting of the Socialist Alliance national council

Between Iraq and a hard place

Manny Neira calls for an end to the US-UK occupation

Anti-consumerist nostalgia

Zoe Simon reviews Wolfgang Becker's film, 'Goodbye Lenin', Rio Cinema, Dalston (London), and limited release

Socialist Alliance: Take fight to new level

Socialist Alliance exective member Marcus Strom calls for the September 'Indies' meeting to step up the struggle

Around the web: Starved of resources

Phil Hamilton casts his eye over the Socialist Campaign Group News' website

Learn to work democratically

Anne Mc Shane reports on the July 25 meeting of the British mobilising committee of the European Social Forum

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