WW archive > Issue 287 - 06 May 1999

Scargill fails

Claims to be the left alternative to Blair take a dent on May Day


The best; Rally round; Even worse; CPGB and Nato; Two Outlooks; Shame on you; Kautskyite; Surreal; Factional only; Celtic musings

Washing our dirty linen

Party notes

Tories in disarray

Sordid sectarianism

More heat than light

Guns, bombs and workers’ control

Friends fall foul

Royston Bull, former SLP vice-president, replies to Delphi the “disillusioned Scargillite” (Weekly Worker April 29)

Ballots and the Balkans

Debating the war - and readying for the Euro elections

Useful start

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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