For the Irish working class

IRSP statement

The Ard Comhairle on behalf of the membership of the Irish Republican Socialist Party strongly welcome today’s statement from the leadership of the Irish National Liberation Army of its decision to call a genuine and sincere cessation of its military campaign.

For our part we salute the volunteers, both past and present, of the Inla. Over the past 23 years they have shown themselves to be both tenacious and courageous for a 32-county socialist republic.

In the present changed political climate in Ireland, the Inla has also shown that it possesses both the leadership and vision necessary to provide the momentum required to continue the pursuance of that aim by peaceful methods. We also note and welcome the Inla’s continued support and confidence in the Irish Republican Socialist Party in pursuance of working class liberation.

We make no apology for stating that we oppose what is euphemistically termed the Good Friday agreement. We believe that the ‘agreement’ does not address the core political issues, therefore does not contain the political dynamic or momentum to deliver peace that the people of Ireland so overwhelmingly voted for in the referenda.

Let us state clearly today that the IRSP believe that the six-county state and its agencies are irreformable. It will not be reformed by tricolours fluttering from lampposts, buntings across the roads or Gaelic street signs. It will not be reformed by the economic policies of the capitalist alliance represented by the political parties signed up to the Stormont agreement.

An American fast food carry-out on every street corner does not represent either the empowerment or liberation of the Irish working class. These are backward steps. Democracy or socialism have yet to be achieved for the Irish working class. Our class remains marginalised, disenfranchised, demonised and exploited on a huge scale.

The signals to an end to cultural and religious discrimination in the Six Counties are to be welcomed, but that alone will not liberate the working class. In fact it could act as a mask to cover the continuing levels of multi-deprivation inflicted on the working class. Those who claim that cultural and religious freedom will free the Irish working class mislead those people they purport to represent.

The capitalist alliance of American, European and British imperialism, coupled with home-grown Irish capitalism, still remain the single biggest barrier to political and economic equality for our class. Real empowerment of the Irish working class will come from within our class, our people and our communities.

For our part, the Irish Republican Socialist Party pledge ourselves to continue to agitate for and represent Irish working class interests - that is our task. We are acutely aware that this will be a difficult and long-term task. It is a task that we will not shirk.

“We owe our allegiance to the working class” - Seamus Costello