WW archive > Issue 253 - 27 August 1998

New strategy: INLA calls ‘complete ceasefire’

The peace bandwagon is gaining momentum. The response of communists and revolutionaries will be crucial


Setting our own agenda; SWP communist; Cuba invites; Injury to all

Perspectives ’99

Party notes

The Russian workers in power

From 'The Call', paper of the British Socialist Party, August 22 1918

The fantasy world of Dave Craig

Scottish Socialist Alliance

Economic struggle above democracy

Ian Donovan of Revolution and Truth replies to ‘Trotskyite economism or revolutionary democracy?’ (Weekly Worker July 30)

‘Time to silence guns’

INLA ceasefire declaration

For the Irish working class

IRSP statement

Militant Australia courts DSP

Socialist Party in crisis

Delegation to Scotland

Documents from the Socialist Party’s Members Bulletin July 1998

US raids backfire

Clumsy adventurism in Sudan and Afghanistan unleashes more problems

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