Edinburgh farce

A bout 100 members of the establishment attended the Edinburgh launch on June 16. Determined - perhaps after their Dundee experience - not to have any discussion, the organisers allowed only 10 minutes of questions before dividing the meeting up into ‘ideas workshops’. When comrades from the Campaign for Self-Determination tried to raise the need for a parliament with full powers, they were jostled by jeering Liberal Democrats. Paolo Vestri, national organiser of Scotland forward, made clear that it was only the four main parties that are being invited onto their executive. All others - ie, the left - were “supporting organisations” who would be “kept informed” about the activities of the campaign.

Yvonne Strachen from the executive said SNP, Labour, Liberal Democrats and Tory should put aside their differences “for the sake of the nation”.

One speaker from the audience called for a ‘no, no’ campaign - otherwise it would all be so “awfully dreadfully boring”. Boring, anti-working class and undemocratic too. The left have no hope of being heard in such a lash-up. More likely to be thrown out unless they keep their mouths shut.

SWP members present found the whole event equally repulsive. They were uncomfortable with the ‘yes, yes’ campaign that their leadership has foisted on them. One member told me he could not wait until the campaign was over, so torturous was the whole experience.

Comrades from Edinburgh SSA were nowhere to be seen. Following their rebellion against involvement at the conference, is this a case of UDI?

Anne Murphy