WW archive > Issue 196 - 19 June 1997

Scargill bans democracy

Scargill draws the line against the fight for democracy - Mark Fischer asks, ‘Which side are you on?’


A Duma with full powers?; Society’s ills cured; Immaculate isolation

‘Have a nice day ...’

Message to members from the National Executive Council

Summer Offensive reaches halfway mark

Party notes

Bosses call for ‘tough discipline’

Prepare for action

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, June 14 1917

Shades of John Maclean

Call for left cooperation

The following motion, proposed by comrade Tom Delargy of Paisley SSA, was unanimously passed at the SSA’s annual conference on Saturday June 14

Resignation pre-empted

Following the entry into the SLP of several members of the Indian Workers Association, led by the ultra-Stalinite Harpal Brar, the leadership in Southall found itself in a minority, outvoted by new members who seem to see their role as being unquestioning foot soldiers of the NEC. Unfortunately, instead of remaining in position to fight for their beliefs, the branch officers announced their intention to resign. Here we reproduce their rather pathetic letter

Labour set to hammer workers

New left dogma

Around the left

Scottish Socialist Alliance divided on Scotland Forward

Dundee tragedy

Edinburgh farce

Road to nowhere

Much of the left is now talking about a ‘crisis of expectations’ amongst the working class. But is there any truth to it? Last weekend the CPGB organised a round-table discussion on this, under the heading, ‘Where now for the left?’ Eddie Ford reports

SLP militants unbowed by intimidation

Socialist Labour democracy campaign launched

More Scargill threats

Correspondence between the SLP’s acting general secretary and Southwark councillor Ian Driver

For an open journal

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