WW archive > Issue 164 - 24 October 1996

Arm the class, disarm the state

Workers need to be armed to destroy the violence wreaked by capitalism


Honour and obey?; So what?; Political renewal; Lack of understanding; Mistake


Party notes

Two votes for Labour

Education ‘commitment’ sham

Last thing we need

Tony Goss unleashed

SL Kenning looks at latest developments in the Socialist Labour Party

SLP Branch reports

Communist Party Congress

From the Workers’ Weekly, paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain, October 22 1926

Crystal ball gazing

Around the left

Lebed the terrible

Turkish state conspiracy

The Platform for Rights and Freedom in Turkey has sent this report on the police conspiracy against the group’s spokesperson

Unite against imperialist schemes

Power in our hands

Des Wilson is a catholic priest and community activist in West Belfast. Peter Manson asked him how he viewed the present situation in the Six Counties

Asylum for freedom fighters

Mummified ideology

Phil Rudge reviews Red square, black square - Organon for revolutionary imagination by Vladislav Todorov (1995, pp200)

Inhuman denial

Opt religion out

WRP’s second wish

Unresolved questions

Readers who have been following the ‘open’ correspondence in the Workers Revolutionary Party’s Workers Press on their proposal for the formation of a new party may be interested in the following letter, which was refused publication

No support for Labour sops

Nancy Morelli replies to John Stone (Weekly Worker October 16) on Labour’s referendum plans

Big two jump on populist bandwagon

Conservative and Labour both claim the moral high ground - while preparing to hit the working class

Important advance for SSA

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