WW archive > Issue 1468 - 23 November 2023

Zionism needs anti-Semitism

John Hagee’s turn as a key speaker caused much liberal consternation - he is, after all, a notorious anti‑Semite. Daniel Lazare comments on the aftermath of the huge pro-Israel demonstration in Washington DC


Global defeat?; Brittle polemic; Corrections; Zionist caste; Starmer’s Zionism; Sugary foam

Desperately seeking martyrdom

With the Tories facing an electoral drubbing and having no coherent strategy, Rishi Sunak is reduced to day-to-day politicking, writes Eddie Ford

ABCs of Muslim Brothers

In the first of three articles, Jack Conrad looks at the origins, evolution and current reality of the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain, Egypt and internationally

Defend and extend the jury system

Acquittals of pro-Palestine activists, BLM protestors and XR campaigners have infuriated the Tory press and seen a judicial backlash. Mike Macnair argues for juries and their right to hear ‘lawful excuse’

Cowards, careerists and Corbyn diehards

Momentum MP Navendu Mishra claims to be in favour of a Gaza ceasefire. Despite that he followed Starmer’s orders to abstain, reports Carla Roberts

Doing their party turn

What lies beneath the new communist wrapping? Baris Graham takes a look at Socialist Appeal’s latest incarnation

Nigel’s next adventure

However he gets on in the jungle, Nigel Farage is far from done with frontline politics, writes Paul Demarty

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Don’t let up

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